Monday, March 10, 2014

Quick Solution Timestamp in OpenOffice 4.0

  • In Excel you can enter the current date in the cell by pressing shortcut key CTRL+;
  • And also you can enter the current time by pressing shortctut key CTRL+SHIFT+;

But There is no option in OpenOffice so far to create a quick shortcut key. I have simple quick solution to solve this shortcut issue , quickly to access it.

Quick Solution:

  1. First time, Select the FX Wizard shortcut CTRL+F2
  2. Select Function NOW() and press Next and press OK
  3. Here comes the trick press F2 to enter the editmode then F9 to show the NOW() value on the cell  press enter key to store the NOW() value as input value.
  4. Next time Use FX Sidebar to use Last Used Functions 
  5. Double click the Now() Function and do the step3.

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